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Established in 2014, the mission of the Norris Cole Foundation is to encourage academic achievement, health and well-being, community service and leadership development in order to build the character of youth.While basketball is a significant part of Norris’ life, education has always been a priority.  Norris is now able to use his success as an athlete as a means to give back to youth in the Greater Dayton community.  By supporting the Cole Climb, you are not only becoming a valuable contributor to the long term sustainability of the foundation, but assisting Norris’ with accomplishing his dream of being a servant leader in the Dayton community.  Below is a short description of our programs.

Cole Minds - Reading Literacy

A reading literacy program focused on encouraging students in K-9 to read at least 15 minutes a day. Piloted in several Dayton Public Schools, the purpose of the program is to ensure that every child is able to read increasing their aptitude for learning in all subjects. Reading develops a number of skills including language, communication, logic, concentration and discipline. By supporting reading literacy, the foundation is supporting holistic development.

Cole Minds - Leadership Development

A character and leadership development program for student athletes, the program is designed to develop youth beyond their athletic abilities. The program encourages social responsibility and life skills needed to be productive members of society. Students will participate in community service activities as well as have opportunities to receive mentorship from Norris, community leaders and other professional athletes. Students participating in the program will be able to earn scholarships for credentials and/or degrees beyond high school. Scholarships are contingent upon funding.

Peace Wars 

A series of team focused games that encourage youth and young adults to participate in healthy competition by developing community teams that will participate in a serious of childhood games. Community teams are formed by neighborhood with the intended outcome of promoting community pride, encouraging interaction among residents in various neighborhoods.

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Jeff Cox $50.00
Amber Bloom $25.00
Carolyn Johnson $20.00

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